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Unireach team is very professional and staff understand the latest visa policies and regulations very well. They provided me professional advice on my student and subsequently skilled (subclass 189) visa applications so that I could understand all the options that I had and the best possible option for me.


I would definitely recommend Unireach to my friends who need professional advices regarding visa applications.

Hilda & Edmond

Since day one, David has been diligent in helping us apply for our permanent residency visa (Subclass 885). He explains the whole migration process in detail and never fails to answer any queries we had. Our case was quite complicated, having still being in the transition phase between the old and new migration rules; however, David had no qualms and was professional about providing accurate details.


Throughout the process, he always provides insight as to where has my application progressed. I am thoroughly impressed by his determination to help us, as he went all out of his way to contact me regarding my application even when I was on holiday overseas!


I would thoroughly recommend David in helping with any visa application. We have never regretted finding him!

Stephen & Jo

It has been a long, stressful and tiring journey for us and we are glad we found David. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to him. Without his expertise, we might not be able to get our permanent residency so soon.


He is exceptionally professional and supportive at all times during the application process. He is very friendly and approachable, always responded promptly and informative at all times.


Dave is truly amazing and awesome. We will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs migration advice. Thanks heaps!



I came to know of Unireach through Zion Praise Harvest. On my meeting with David, I was given a detailed explanation and requirements on the PR 886. During the application process, I receive constant status updates and David pays attention to every detail.


I am very satisfied with his personalised service. The whole process went very smoothly and I received my PR within two months.



Engaging the services of Unireach has been a terrific decision. Unireach’s expertise and up to date knowledge in Australian immigration laws have helped to make my life a lot easier. Going about the process of Visa applications by myself was a laborious task, spending hours and hours on the DIAC website, filling out plenty of forms and getting the necessary documents validated was a lot of work. On top of that, there’s just so much to do and so much to read that I was never sure if I overlooked something or missed a piece of crucial information that might jeopardize the whole application process. A very unsettling feeling.


Unireach is a one stop solution to all that! Each client’s situation may be unique and Unireach evaluates each case and advises clients on their available options. You may be surprised at what you might find out! I certainly was when I discovered that I qualified for a state sponsored route towards a permanent residency in Australia, something I did now know before. And just as well because I was facing a road block in applying for PR through other paths.


I’ve been granted my PR now after only a month and a half since I applied for it and credit goes to Unireach for their efficiency and professionalism. I have them to thank for that and I would recommend Unireach to anyone who is looking for the services of a migration agent =)



My husband and I engaged the services of David Lee as our migration agent as we know David through church and his passion and heart for helping people. Throughout the whole process of lodging our 886 visa, his professionalism shone through in his advice and the personalised service he offered.


He is trustworthy, highly efficient, works with enthusiasm and goes the extra mile to help his clients. Our application went very smoothly, no doubt credited to David’s hardworking nature and his care for his clients.


We obtained our visa in less than a month from lodging it, which was a happy surprise to the both of us. I highly recommend David as migration agent to anyone seeking migration advice and services.



My wife Hope and myself are absolutely delighted with the manner in which Unireach handled our Immigration processes. From the initial conversion of student to work visas, and most recently to Permanent Residency Visas; nothing was too much trouble for you.


We have been most impressed with your personal attention, keenness to detail, promptness, professional communication and overall knowledge of the applicable legislations.


In the first instance our expectations were challenging given the limited time frame we were afforded. Your diligence was the sole reason the process was completed within the deadline. Not only did you accomplish both fetes within time, it was also done within our budget.


Our thanks to you for the excellent job done and we have no hesitation in recommending Unireach to anyone.

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